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We gravitate toward projects that combine innovative sustainable design, energy efficiency, high-quality eco-friendly material, and leading-edge amenities. We're committed to enhancing the Pacific Northwest economy by locally sourcing building material and products, and by supporting local businesses, artists, and workers. 

Site Acquisition

Taking a conservative approach, we select properties that ensure benefits for collaborators, partners, and end consumers. We tap into our broad network of professionals to identify and recommend opportunities that fit our client-partners’ investment objectives. And we manage the acquisition process as needed, including underwriting, valuation, and negotiation.

Project Financing

Complex assets demand sophisticated financing. At RYI, we have built strong relationships with the most active financial brokerage agencies and lenders in the region, as well as life insurance companies, pension fund advisors, and institutional lenders from New York and Boston so we can efficiently match projects with the appropriate financing option. 

Architectural and Design Consultants

RYI’s goal is to transform vision into reality. By analyzing proposals, evaluating potential vendors, and examining prior work product, we assemble the right team to accomplish that outcome within the overall scope of the project.

Entitlements and Permitting

RYI is ever alert to identify, mitigate, and resolve jurisdictional issues that might pose a potential risk. We work with the best permitting consultants and land use attorneys for strong risk management.

Pro Forma and Budget Control

RYI’s extensive development experience informs our ability to create budgets that minimize risk, limit overruns, and achieve the right balance of needs and wants, allowing our client-partners to get the best possible return on investment.

Construction Management

At RYI, the success of our projects stems from a collaboration that fosters the best in each member of the team. The RYI team is richly endowed with resources, creativity, and resolve to meet the challenges, hold the course, and see the project through to its intended vision.

Sales and Leasing

How to attract partners, what to build, how to price it, how to make the deal – all of these factors influence and determine marketing. RYI buys and develops property that sells and/or leases in a competitive environment. We listen closely to our customers and tailor transactions to meet their needs. We collaborate to offer customized solutions that result in value for tenants, investors, clients, and ourselves.

Portfolio Management

RYI works with clients to acquire existing income-producing property, and we help with refinancing and repositioning. With rooted local connections, we build a network of strong relationships and collaborative partnerships. Responsive to market conditions and community dynamics, we time our purchases and sales to ensure the best return for all concerned.

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